Rite Aid: No Walk-ins accepted?

It was such a nice evening tonight, I decided to walk up to the corner to the drug store to get a few things. It’s only a couple blocks and it’s something I like to do. It’s just so close it seems wasteful to drive, unless I’m on my way to someplace else.

But every time I do this, I am a bit annoyed. Not at the walk. Not because I have to wait for the signal to change to cross Transit St. But because once I arrive at the corner, I have to walk the length of the store’s lot, either to the west, or to the south, and enter the store’s parking lot through the driveway. You see, the store is built on a corner lot. Very accessible if you are driving an automobile. But, and this is what I find irritating for a store that promotes itself as a neighborhood store, there is no pedestrian access.

This store was built only a few years ago, so it can’t be blamed on old standards or building codes. It should be in compliance with the latest codes. But there is no easy way for a pedestrian to gain access to the store entrance. The only way in is to walk in through the driveways and through the parking lot along with the cars. Unless you want to hop the little fence they put up around their landscaping…

And don’t even think of walking in the winter…

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