But how many have died in the name of Democracy?
But how many people have died in the name of Democracy? or Capitalism?

You can twist things around to support almost anything.

I was reading a site called Don’t Join the Creepy Obamaton Cult: 40 Reasons not to Vote for Barack Obama (not a complete list) that Scott Leffler mentioned on his blog. Some of it was repeating things that have widely been disproven. A lot is taken out of context, or twisted to another way of looking at it. But a lot of it just left me saying to myself “you say that like it’s a bad thing.”

The site, apparently as “wide-right” as you can get, claims Obama is the most left-wing Senator in Congress, saying “Obama’s voting record is to the left of even leftist senators such as Ted Kennedy.” Gee, I think of Ted Kennedy as such an old fossil, that he’s pretty much irrelevant. As left-wingers go, he’s pretty conservative. That’s not ConservativeTM the political term, but conservative, as in stodgy. Being more Left, Right or anything than him should be easy.

The site is so far overboard, it runs a risk of not making it’s intended point, but of making the opposite point through sarcastic effect.

I can’t wait for Scott’s promised discussion on the McCain side of things tomorrow…