Some time in October, the Lockport Home Page, an independent online news report on the Lockport area, became active again. It’s great to see this much needed alternative voice return to an active role.

Run by good friend and fellow Ham Radio Operator, Bob Rooney, with the help of a few others, the site had ceased being updated due to an untimely stoke that Bob suffered. Thankfully, he survived and is again able to pursue operation of the page.

Bob is a long time journalist from the broadcast arena. Many of you may remember him from WLVL. The Lockport Home Page is a quirky and opinionated piece of work that is refreshing in it’s honesty and has been very popular with expatriate Lockportians eager for the real news from home. Check it out. It’s always worth a read.

However, due to the unexpected health crisis, Bob needs our help to continue the page. Read his Words from the Webmaster for details and let’s pitch in to keep this valuable page going.