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For those of you mailing things…

I’ve sent emails to a couple of people who asked, but in case anyone else needs to send something our way, here’s the address for the next month or so:

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Twitter: at UPMC again

I feel like this is a Twitter post – short and sweet about where I am and what I’m doing. But there isn’t much more than that to report. Today is Al’s first scheduled visit back to the hospital since

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Walking tour of Oakland

Well, we went walking around this part of Pittsburgh again today. We went for lunch to Lulu’s Noodles, a Thai noodle place that Al had been to before. It was pretty good, a lot like Chineese food, at least what

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Well, we’re still here in Pittsburgh. But no internet access again at the Family House and this time even the guest computer is broken and not working. I arrived late yesterday. At least late compared to when I wanted to

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