One thing I wanted to be able to do, just in case I want, is to be able to hook up my trailer to the new Catrike Expedition. I have used it many times with the Terratrike, but the attachment system will need to be different.

Trailer Skewer

The Quick release skewer for the trailer

The trailer, a TW-Bents two-wheeled trailer, has a yoke that attaches at both sides of the bike, a system I like and one of the reasons I chose that trailer. It attaches to the ends of a special quick-release skewer that you use in the back wheel.

Unfortunately, the Catrike doesn’t have a quick-release on the back wheel, because of the internal geared hub.

The problem would be solved by simply buying and installing some bolt-on attachments from the company that made the trailer, but that company is out of business.  So I had to solve the problem on my own. Continue Reading…