Another trip to the ‘Burgh

We’re back from another trip to Pittsburgh. This was the first follow-up visit after Al’s transplant. He had labwork and a clinic visit yesterday and a bronchoscopy today. We left Thursday morning about 7am and arrived in time for his

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Back in Pittsburgh, laptop fixed.

Al is back in Pittsburgh for the week. He is there, not because anything is wrong, or even because of the transplant directly, but because he is taking part in some research study. He went there Monday with his Aunt

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On the Road Again

Just a quick post to say Al has been released from Pittsburgh and can go home! We’ll be driving home this afternoon as soon as we can get checked out and packed up. We’ll be home well in time for

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For those of you mailing things…

I’ve sent emails to a couple of people who asked, but in case anyone else needs to send something our way, here’s the address for the next month or so:

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