After just having bought an Acer Aspire One netbook as well as a D-Link router, out comes a combo deal on Christmas Eve.

Of course, it’s the version of the Aspire One with the 16GB solid state drive, not the 160GB hard drive mine has. They managed to squeeze WinXP on it anyway, instead of the smaller Linux also offered. I don’t mind Linux, but the stripped down version that they put on the AAO seems weak. I hear they run really sweet with Ubuntu, though. Mine does off of a USB thumb drive, no less.

And then there is the D-Link router. I just bought one to replace a Linksys WRT54G that I’ve had for years and has been flaking out on me lately. Once again, they offer a minimal model in the sale package, while I bought a slightly more advanced model that is a 802-11n capable model, thinking ahead, of course. I didn’t have anything that can use the N features yet, but when I do, it will be ready.

But $299, even after a rebate, is still a great deal. I doubt that anyone, short of hiring a private jet and courier service could get it by Christmas at this point, but they’re pushing it anyway. Maybe they are aiming at those who got some green in their stockings…

Tiger Direct has been relentless with their email this past week. I seem to get three or four a day. How much do they expect to sell under the Christmas shopping guise? I ordered some maintenance-type stuff this week and have already received it, but I still don’t think many people are going take a chance on last-minute shipping.

It just seems like they are getting desperate to sell off stock at any time or cost. It speaks a lot about the economy – maybe holiday sales aren’t what they hoped. But it might be a good sign for the consumer and a tip to what may come after the New Year.