Facebook and You

Found on Facebook…

Wow! Has Facebook ever riled people up?!? All you see today is complaints about some changes they made and announcements/stories about changes they have just announced.

I know people don’t like change, but everyone complains about Facebook. You’d think they’d be happy they were trying to change the service that everyone loves to hate.

Part of the problem is the endless, ever-changing settings that affect your privacy and security. Not only do they keep changing them, they keep moving around – getting harder to find, as well as it’s always a 50%-50% chance that the default setting is what you want/safe/secure/convenient (pick one.) No matter what they do, it seems like almost everyone complains.

So here’s a bunch of graphics I found – all yesterday and today – that I found funny. Hope you do too.

Somebody broke my FB

Don't F with it!

Hey Dawg!

I'm appalled