Joy of Tech cartoonGreenwashed, greenwashing, greenwash. That’s a new word coined and coming into use.

What’s it mean?

It is the practice of every company, product, and P/R firm using environmental issues to make themselves ‘look good’ by being ‘green’ whether it is, or not. It’s just spin. They find a way to make their product look like it is somehow going to save the planet, even (and usually the case) if it has nothing to do with it.

I first heard it and thought “Here we go, another buzzword like ‘monetize.'” I’m sure it will be. Remember I told you so…

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One comment on “Greenwashed
  1. Mark Gritz. says:

    I know what would be better for the environment, not buying your “new and improved” widget at all. With all the debate about carbon footprints and alternative energies, the number one thing that is killing the environment is rampant consumerism combined with planned obsolescence. Please sell me a car that I can still get OEM parts for after 6 years without resorting to the junkyards.

    On a similar note, is the subject of “green collar” jobs. There was a news item last week about the old Carborundum plant in Niagara Falls being converted to produce silicon solar panels. The News was going crazy about bringing the green economy to Western New York. While the use of solar panels is a very green idea, the production of them is still a very dirty job, involving the use of heavy metals and other nasty things. We need the jobs, and I hope the company does well, but don’t sell your factory to us a being green.

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