I was playing with a web site – – that gives a shortened URL for a web site. I happened to type in the URL of this web site and that’s what I got:

I’ve used other, similar sites before;,, come to mind. But really shrinks them to the maximum.

Why would anyone need that? Well, have you ever seen a URL for something like a Google Map? They’re a mile long. The odds of losing part of them in a cut-n-paste are good. Forget hand-entering them!

But the big users of them are people on Twitter. Why? Well Twitter is practically a SMS service. (Actually can be, if you want.) You’re limited to 140 characters per post. If a URL uses 100 of them, you’re hurting to explain what it is!

So, I though it was neat that it boiled this website’s address down to three letters and spelled a name with them. by comparison gives and gives . You can almost remember the one.

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