New Lappy

Acer AspireOneWell, I’m sitting here using a new laptop – actually, not a laptop, it’s a netbook, smaller than a laptop.

Since my Toshiba died the other day and thinking I was going to be stranded here in Pittsburgh, I decided this was an economical replacement until it gets fixed. It’s small and not a replacement, as much as a compliment to the full-sized Toshiba.

There is no DVD or CD drive, because of size, but I have a USB CD-RW drive at home. It’s getting less and less necessary as almost everything is installed from the internet now anyway. The occasional program on a disk can wait for the external drive.

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2 comments on “New Lappy
  1. Is that the one with the 8.9 inch screen they have at Walmart? Cause I’ve been ogling one at Walmart for a while now.

  2. I don’t know if it is the same, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    It comes in several colors, as well as with your choice of solid state hard drive or normal.

    You also can get it in Windows XP Home, or a Linux version. The solid-state ones tend to be the Linux versions.

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