Technology May Change How We Look at the World Forever

It’s definitely going to change how people look at us, if we go around wearing these things…

The Future Now: Sixth Sense Technology May Change How We Look at the World Forever.

So how DO we decide which toilet paper to buy, without one?

I wonder if these people could tell me how to make our robot follow a colored square with it’s camera?

It kind of reminds me of the jokes that went around – A guy goes into a bar and he sticks his thumb into his ear and his pinky in front of his mouth and starts talking.

“What are you doing” asks a guy at the bar. “Oh, I’m talking on my bionic cell phone implant.”

We won’t get to the punch line here, but it involves the rest room, toilet paper and printing a fax.

Maybe we should choose our toilet paper by whether it’s for ink-jet or laser…

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One comment on “Technology May Change How We Look at the World Forever
  1. M. Moretti says:

    So I already have a cell phone with a camera and some internet access along with various useful things such as calendar, alarm, calculator, etc. that make it basically a mini-palm pilot. And this isn’t even a high-end phone. I have actually whipped this out in the market to calculate the difference between prices by unit. Oh, and I can check sports scores, too. But somehow I am missing something if I can’t make phone calls on my hand or take photos on thin air? Is carrying a small phone or camera so hard to do versus having some other thing hanging around one’s neck? Not that this technology can’t be useful in certain applications. I hope they do realize that lighting conditions play a big part in how easy this can be to use. I can’t see this working too well outdoors in bright light. However, not only am I not interested in seeing words scroll across everyone’s bodies, but is it that hard to just read the information on the actual package or book?

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