Thanks, Facebook

Thanks for nothingToday I got three emails from Facebook. One told me that my password was changed and that, if I had not done it myself, I might have been a victim of a phishing attack.

The second one told me my account had been deactivated and that if I changed my mind and wanted to reconsider, all I needed to do was log back in. Too bad I changed that password…

The third one, was titled Facebook Service sent you a message on Facebook… and came from “Facebook Team.” Wow! Were they going to beg me to come back. Were they asking what they could do to make me stay? No.

This is what it said:

To read this message, follow the link below: notify

Okay, so it wasn’t a personal message. Maybe it was something they wanted everyone who was quitting to see. Maybe about the changes they are making to correct the issues people have been complaining about. I had my hopes up.

Nope. It was a Viagra Ad. Canadian Pharmacy spam. Just one last shot to tell me I had made the right decision…

Incidentally, all the while I was a member in good standing with FB, I don’t ever remember getting a message like this that portrayed itself to be an important message from the “Facebook Team.” Guess I know what the “Team” thinks of me now…

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One comment on “Thanks, Facebook
  1. Frankane says:

    Viagra ad! They are everywhere. The commercials I see have so many ridiculous warnings about its use, I wonder why anybody would want to use it.

    Miss you on Facebook. Like you, I tried not to put up anything that could “come around and bite me in the ass” as my brother John used to say. WashPost had an article today about how FB users are having their sites subpoenaed when they get involved in a lawsuit. Ah well–

    The upside of this is that I will look at your blog more frequently. But if you ever come back to FB, I’ll be glad to see you there.


    The magic slogan that I have to type looks problematical, but here goes–

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