Twitter or FacebookI’ve noticed a lot of people who used to write in their blogs are now abandoning them and concentrating on things like Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been sucked into that myself to some extent.

I don’t think it’s always a good thing, though. Maybe for some people. Some should be limited to 130 characters. But for anyone who really has something to say, Twitter is just too short. Facebook is better, but it’s so transient, that no matter how good what you have to say is, it’s soon lost and fades away among all the other clutter.

Even old, passé MySpace was a better blogging platform. It actually had a blog section for every account. Most people never used it, or only tried it once or twice. Most people never read the blog postings of other people there either because it wasn’t on the profile page.

But anyone who had a real blog, like a Blogger or Blogspot page, usually had something to say. You can do anything, get any point across with a real blog. You can add photos, embed videos, music, whatever it takes. Sure, you can do that on Facebook, but not as well.

Yet many people confess to blogging less and using things like Twitter and Facebook more. I guess it’s instant gratification at work.

But to all those who still take the effort to write in a real blog, Thank You! Thanks for taking the time, for being eloquent enough to make your case, even if it doesn’t fit into 130 characters. There’s till a place for Twitter and Facebook. They’re a great place to announce that you’ve written a new article in your blog. That’s what I’m going to do from now on. (actually have been doing for a while, when I remembered.) Give it a try. Just announce new posts on Twitter and Facebook and let them point people to your blog. And keep writing. We’ll be reading.