quicktimeI just downloaded and am installing Apple’s Quicktime player on this computer. The free version, of course. I hate to do it, but sooner or later you run into some web site that needs it to play a file, usually a video clip.

Here’s a list of things I love about Quicktime:

1. I already have at least two better players on the computer. Apple, though, in it’s wisdom, keeps making some proprietary format and won’t let any other players work with it. Windows Media Player, arguably a clunkier and worse player than Quicktime, is already on every Windows computer and I always install a lighter and more versatile player. My favorite choice being VLC Media Player.

2. It offers to put a shortcut on my desktop. How considerate. At least it’s an option. I don’t need it. For one thing, it would never be my choice, if I had one. For another, the only time I use it is when I absolutely need to and just letting the file association load it is fine. No need to clutter the desktop.

3. It wants to now restart my system. No thanks, it might be weeks before I need to use it. I’ll reboot sometime in the interim.

4. It offers to send me emails about God-knows-what and to install some other program I don’t want. Toolbars. Updaters. I don’t care. Should I be thankful that it gives me the option to decline them?

It’s just another Apple annoyance. The Mac-heads are sitting there, so smug, saying “Look I made a video!” Well, why didn’t you save it in a format that everyone can use? Why must I have to use another piece of crap software to do the same thing I already have programs for?

Oh and don’t even get me started on iTunes…. I absolutely refuse to even use that piece of junk or go down that road. I don’t even want to have the free stuff they offer.