Al is looking good, considering what he’s been through. He came off the ventilator today and I got visit him twice today.

He wanted his glasses and iPod, so he’s feeling good enough to do more than just lie there. With the tubes out of his throat, he’s talking and in pretty good spirits. He says his breathing is feeling better already, but there is some soreness yet. I thought he looked really good.

I visited again tonight, even though there is no shuttle service. I found out it’s not too bad of a walk and walked down for an evening visit. While I was there, they moved him into a bigger room with a TV. Where he was before, he was right by the doors coming into the unit and it was always busy. He’s now in a more off-the path area, so he’ll be able to rest better.

I’ll be back in the morning. I hope he’ll be even better to report then.