Well, I’m back in NYC, staying in Fort Lee NJ this time, since I have a car available. I’ve been here since Tuesday. New Years Eve came and went uneventfully, with neither of us doing much to observe it.

I didn’t go down to Times Square, I just stayed in my hotel room and didn’t even go down to the bar in the lobby. It’s a really nice little bar, but I just didn’t feel like spending the night with strangers.

Frank walked down to the window at the end of the hall. He’s on the 9th floor and has a really nice view. He said he could see a little bit of the lights and fireworks, but the light inside made it hard to see anything but the reflection of the hallway unless he stayed pressed right up to the glass. So, he stayed in his room as well.

I’ve put a collection of the photos I’ve taken up in a gallery here. I haven’t taken a lot but what there is are found here.

It looks like we will be here until at least Monday now, so I’ll be spending more days here. Maybe I’ll have time to do something intere3sting and take some more photos. I tried to take a walk today and wanted to get down to the little park I can see from Frank’s room, but I went north looking for a way to it and couldn’t find it. I’ll try the other direction another time.