Well, I’ve made it back to Lockport. We all left Al this afternoon to fend for himself for a short while in the hospital. He’s got his computer, his cell phone and above all, his fan and is settled in for the next phase of his recovery.

He’s been complaining about a lack of or inability to sleep. After some reassurances from Mark, who’s had experience with his own transplant and most of the various drugs Al is being given, as well as his doctor who checked in just before we left, we hope he’ll sleep better. Al described how he would be almost asleep then have an involuntary twitch that woke him back up. We were discussing it and coined the term Doggie Dreams, but the doctor came up with a scientific term: Hypnagogic Jerk.

A bit later, we all decided that would be a good name for a band. Who says all the good names are taken? [dewplayer:http://www.archive.org/download/jerk2002-07-23.shnf/mj2002-07-23d1t05_64kb.mp3]

Of course, I researched this on the Hinternets and found out it is almost synonymous with the term Myoclonic Jerk which if course is a band name.

Myoclonic Jerk is a horn driven-whiteboy-turbo-astro-funk band from the slums of Buffalo NY.

So with silliness aside, we left Albert enjoying the comforting sound of his own fan, brought from home. It has a soothing sound somewhat akin to a jet engine, or at least one of those swamp boats from the Everglades. But it drowns out all the noises that were bugging him, and almost all conversation as well. He was nodding off even as we left, but promises to keep us all updated on his progress by adding to this blog in the coming days.

On the serious side, the doctor was happy with his progress and predicts that he may be let out of the hospital and into the outpatient phase in as soon as a week from now.