Any of you who read my email or text about Frank getting out of the ICU, it was a false alarm. I should have known it was too good to be true.

I thought Frank had texted me with that information. He actually did, but last time we were here.

The address I gave is still good, just pay no attention to the room number. If you’ve already sent a card, don’t worry, it will still get to him. I’d imagine they have a pretty large mail room here and deal with wrong/changed rooms all the time.

This is the official mailing address:

NYP/Columbia University Medical Center
630 West 168th St.
NY NY 10032

He is in the Millstein Hospital Building, which, should anyone be visiting, is at 177 Fort Washington Ave.

I visited him this morning and he was eating a pretty normal breakfast. They are having him use a CPAP/BIPAP sort-of machine because his CO2 levels are a bit high. Three doctors came in while I was there. One was Dr. Davidio, who is the main surgeon on Frank’s case, and he seemed quite happy. He sai Frank got a good set of lungs and that they are considering beginning to remove some of the drain tubes, which should relieve some discomfort that Frank is experiencing.

They changed one pain medication because Frank had some kind of reaction to it, and he’s getting Benadryl because something is making him itch. If Frank is getting cranky and complaining about an itch, he must be feeling somewhat better!