The following is a collection of the posts to Facebook in the next 48 hours

A post from Frank's Aunt

Facebook has been the lifeblood of our communications with the family back home and across the country. The fact that I can post and respond to it from my phone has been a lifesaver.

Team Frank, our fundraising group has also been going nuts with text messages to the group. There were times when I had to mute my phone because they were coming in so fast.


After sitting in a family lounge on the 4th floor, I eventually found out that I should have been on the 5th, but it didn’t matter, I found Frank in the CTICU only about a half-hour after he was brought there. Even though he was still out and they planned on leaving him that way for a while, they let me see him. I met his assigned nurse, Loida, who was very nice and took great care of Frank.

The next day, Thursday, the 18th, I visited again briefly. This is what I wrote later.


By the time I got back to the hotel, he had texted me to say he wanted his phone charger! We’re making progress from sleeping, to writing on a clipboard, to texting!