I can’t believe it, but the one month anniversary of Al’s Transplant is here. It sure has gone by fast.

Al visited the Doctors on Monday and had a couple lab tests done. He’s having another blood test drawn tomorrow and if all looks well, they are going to consider letting him go home to Lockport.

We are planning on a quick day trip to Lockport for Thanksgiving (going AWOL) but may not need to resort to that, now.

Things are quiet here. We go out to eat or to pick up a prescription. I was kidding Al today, saying I didn’t think there were many days that he didn’t have to run to the pharmacy for something. He agreed, he could only think of a few. But the exercise is good, even if the weather has been wet and cold.

Yesterday, a couple friends of Al’s dropped by to visit him. They were people he knows from some online groups and are students nearby at PITT and CMU. It was the first time they had met in person, and they had a great time hanging out and talking.

I’m writing from the guest computer at the Family House, as my laptop is broken. I’m going to have to send my Toshiba back to the factory for repair, but first, I want to get it home and back up the entire hard drive so I don’t lose anything. I can do that easily at home. It’s not that anything that important would be lost, I just have it set up the way I like. Thankfully, I have my USB thumb drive set up for all my email accounts and passwords.