Today marks the one week anniversary of Al’s Transplant. A week ago at this time, he was still in surgery and I was sitting in a waiting room, well, waiting.

I saw Al just a few minutes ago and you’d hardly think he had such serious surgery. He had just finished breakfast, was sitting up on his bed and happy to get his cell phone back and check his messages.

Today Mark and Gayle Gritzmacher (Al’s Uncle and Aunt) as well as his brother, Frank, will be arriving for a visit. I’ve set him up to log in to this blog and his computer will arrive as well, so he promises to keep us all updated with his progress and stories of hospital life.

He’s got a couple weeks or so in the hospital, then goes into outpatient rehab here in Pittsburgh. He’ll probably stay at one of the Family Houses then. I or someone will have to come and stay with him again at that point.

I’ll be returning home today with Mark and Gayle. This is about the only period where I can do that and now that he’s feeling better, I don’t need to be so close by.

A friend of mine asked my if I knew about a girl from Grand Island that had a lung transplant and was in the newspaper recently. Since I don’t often read the Buffalo News, I had missed it. I did a search and found two articles: one and two.