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Well, I got rid of the entry page I had on the server. It was annoying me. I put it up there at first to just be a place holder, but it looked so weird compared to the clean lean look of the WordPress blog, I hated to make everyone hop through it.

So you can just use http://gritzmacher.net from now on to get here. No more /wp … it will add that for you.

You can still see the old page if you’re curious. Another copy of it is at http://ae2t.net where it has been sitting for a year or so. Before that, it has been here and there as my ‘homepage’ for many years with few changes. You can see the photos of my kids snowboarding in 2000. The page was already old when I added them…

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2 comments on “Entry page
  1. If anyone tried to use that URL with IE, you might have had a problem. For some reason, it went into an endless loop of referring and just kept clicking. Firefox worked fine, BTW.

    I fixed the problem another way. I used .htaccess to do the referral. Works the same for any browser if the server does the work…

  2. Well, I found an even better way to do it. I was reading the WordPress web pages and there was exactly the info I needed to change the blog adress to the root address of the website. So, no more workarounds, no ‘fooling’ the browser into jumping to the proper directory. Just gritzmacher.net and you’re there. 🙂

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