unique visits in Oct 2008I was curious how many people have been visiting this site since Albert’s surgery. I know a lot of you have left comments and well-wishes, so I know there is interest.

There has been a definite surge in traffic here since the 23rd of October, which you can see in the chart. I almost never check this and I don’t have a page counter on this site. They’re tacky and unreliable anyway. Most of the time, I don’t care if I have 3 or 3,000,000 viewers. But this is interesting.

This chart is Unique Visits, in other words individual people, no matter how many pages they read. We hit a peak of 1,930 raw views on the 28th. Wow!

Another interesting statistic is what people are using to look at the web page. This chart is for the past year. Internet Explorer is still the top browser, with Mozilla (Firefox, Seamonkey) the next most popular. Netscape, Safari and Opera are distinctly in the minority.

But the biggest platforms, right up with IE, are the webcrawlers. Most people don’t think about it, but all those search engines are out there visiting web pages and gathering information about them. Mine is no exception and the custom software used for that shows up here.

Another interesting stat, although I didn’t copy the chart, was Referrers. This tells me where people are coming from. Needless to say, search engines are a big source of traffic. Google and Ask.com were big statistically. Other blogs and forums were also a significant source. Several names of sites I know link here were prominent.

No point, just that inquiring minds want to know…