My son told me he had upgraded his blog to WP 2.0. He’s so smug that he beats me to those things!

I did hear it was out. I’d seen antoher podcast page that mentioned they had changed over. But I’ve been so busy with other podcast things, I hadn’t even given it a thought.

Besides, what if I screwed up? The last thing I need is to mess up my podcast page right now. Just when it’s getting off the ground. Oh yeah, that’s why I have this page! To test things out first.

So here it is, WP 2.0. The install went as smooth as you can ak for. Just copy the new files onto the server. Run a special page to update and like magic, it’s done.
I like the new editing interface. Kind of WYSIWYG. I haven’t even had time to see what all else is new. I hear it’s compatible with some of the offline blogging tools and now accepts posts from email. (Something I could never get to work with the old version. Maybe no one could?)

But it seems to have worked safely and I didn’t loose any customizations I had made to the templates. Cool.

Maybe I’ll get my courage up and update the blog.