Before someone asks, and I’m sure eventually, someone will, I’ll explain.

I often add comments to my own posts. Not just a reply to someone else’s comment, but stand-alone comments. The reason I do that is to be clear that what is in the comment is an addition to the post, not an original part of it.

I often correct my posts – spelling, grammar and unclear syntax – but I’m reluctant, once published, to alter the actual content. By putting something I’m adding into a comment, it’s clear it was added later.

Actual corrections to content of any significance, such as when I make a mistake (I know, that couldn’t happen) will be made in the article, and duly marked. I like strike-outs for the old, wrong stuff!

You might not care, but there are purists out there who think blogs are just like mainstream media and should follow rules like they do. I’m not under any illusion that my ramblings fall in that category, but I still aspire to some higher standard.

But don’t sit there waiting to see what I add as comments, add you own! I’m happy to have anyone reading my blog add their thoughts to any article. Just go to the bottom of the whole post, or click the little comments icon with the little cartoon talk-balloon symbol, and use the Leave a Comment box. You’ll have to leave a name and email and answer a captcha so that the site doesn’t get spammed into oblivion, but don’t let that scare you away. First posts are held for approval, but subsequent ones are automatic.