Not enough time in the day lately. I haven’t had time to post here or even think about things to write about.

I’ve been busy with my podcasts. The musicians have been great and really receptive to my idea for the podcast. Jackdaw even has requested copies of the recordings I did at the Swannie House show. They are working on a CD which is a rerelease of thier early CDs that are out of print, along with a second disk of live material. Watch for it, some of the second disc will be from that show!

I’ve also been busy with the Robotics Team. We’re building the robot now. There is only a six week time frame to build it, then it ships to the first cometition, finished or not. So right now we’re rushing to design and build it. The competition game is different each year, so there isn’t much you can do to anticipate the design. The students have been designing the robot and have some great ideas. Now it’s time to make it all come together. You can check out the team at their website.

Work is still business as usual. While Delphi is undergoing bankruptcy, day to day operation is still going on as a routine. Midnights is supposed to give me more time to get things done, but sleeping can still be a challenge when you get out at 7am and nothing opens until 9am. I waste two hours waiting around to get to the bank, post office or Doctors appointment. By the time I get done with anything, I only have a few hours until I go to the school for robotics. But, it still beats a swing shift.