I went into work today to get cleared to return to work. I don’t know why it takes so long, but I had to wait an hour to get to see the nurse, then it took 20 minutes to fill out the paperwork.

The nurse, who is a very nice lady, was the only person there. She had to answer the phone, take care of people who walked in, and do the RTW interviews as they are called. What if someone was really sick or hurt?

On top of that, a simple process that should have only taken a couple minutes, took what seemed like forever. A few simple questions, fill out some paper forms and bada-bing, you’re out of there. But, wait, there’s the inputting of the data into the computer…

It just wasn’t her day with the computer system, or else she’s just not a computer person. Every time she got everything entered, it either would lose it, or come up with the page for the last person. It took about five tries to get me done. No wonder the company has problems when it is hobbled by balky computer systems. Thank EDS.

On the way out, I stopped by personell to see the benefit reps. I had received a letter a couple days previous about a “pre-retirement” meeting. I had no clue what it was about. So I asked them. They gave me the good news that I am indeed on the list to retire as of the end of the month!

That means, only one more week of work!