Well, other than not knowing when to sleep and when not to, I’d be doing all right if it weren’t for the cold I have.

I got wrapped up in something on the computer last night and sat here working. I didn’t notice the time until 7:00 AM. I caught a quick hour rest until I had to get up and shower. I had to go out at 10:00 AM to Home Depot where we had a demo scheduled with the robotics team.

I dragged myself through it and had a good time with the kids and robot. It was good to see them again. Some I hadn’t seen since April and the Atlanta competition. Others went to Indianapolis with the team in July. But after spending every day with them during the build season, a couple months is a long time.

The demo was in the parking lot. Wendelville Fire Company also had a demonstration going on and had several trucks and their Fire Safety trailer there. We borrowed power from their generator to run our controls. No one thought about the fact that we needed power for the control system, even though the robot ran off it’s batteries.

We let the public drive the robot around the parking lot. A lot of kids and a few of the firemen tried it and had a great time. Didn’t run into anybody to hard or hit any cars, which was an accomplishment with the inexperienced drivers! A few kids who are waiting to interview for this year’s team came out to see it. Great to see their interest.

So I took a nap after I got home and really felt crappy and congested. A shot of DayQuil and I’m feeling okay again, but I’m sure I’ll sleep a lot tomorrow and tonight. I just hope I don’t get off the schedule. I definitely don’t have the energy to go out anywhere.