Apparently, I’m not the only one seeing things this way. Gregg Shotwell, a Delphi employee in Coopersville, Mich writes in his web pages:

I ask the straw boss for a week off without pay. I have my reasons but suffice it to say like an outlaw on the run, I needed time more than money to get ahead.

But Delphi needs me too bad. Can you believe it? A certified slacker like me? “Gotta have them parts,” the straw boss said panting and stuttering like a junky chasing a fix.

Delphi needs a shot of Uncommon Sense, but the head dickheads appear immune to verbal inoculations. We may have to resort to old fashion strong arm persuasion like rolling strikes, wildcats, random epidemics, and work to rule disruptions at strategic locations.

Steve Miller, aka “The Hatchet”, told the press, that even if Delphi files for bankruptcy, they will not interrupt the flow of parts especially to GM.

No shit, they won’t interrupt the flow of parts to GM because GM runs the show. The Hatchet can blow smoke until the cows clean up after themselves before they come home. But in the end, Wagoner is his daddy, and daddy wants the parts on time.

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