The UAW held what was called a Quality of Life Rally on Wednesday in front of the Lockport Delphi plant. I attended because I am a member and am affected by the Delphi bankruptcy proceedings. I also wanted to see what went on.

In thirty years of employment there, I’ve never had to go out on strike. I’ve been laid off, sure, but there’s not a lot of drama in that. I can honestly say, that it’s been pretty stable employment. That’s why the prospect of having my promised retirement at thirty years possibly pulled out from under me is so disturbing.

I also went to document the whole thing. As a blogger and podcaster, I felt the opportunity to preserve some of what went on for those who weren’t there is important. You’d never believe what rumours go around about what was said or done at an event like this can evolve into. That and 1/3 of the employees were working at the time of the rally. They should be able to hear what was said.

So, I brought the recording gear and my camera and did my thing. The results are at

Or you can download them here

I hope they’re of interest to someone. I don’t really track statistics. I do know the LaRouche PAC was there in force and called me to see when the photos would be posted. I hope they like them 🙂

Please feel free to let anyone who wants to hear the rally know it’s there.