Well, this is the third week of midnight shift for me. Weekends have been the hard part. Stay on the nightowl schedule, or sleep nights?

I didn’t have much going on this past weekend, so I tried sleeping at night. I figured I’d just stay up a bit and go to bed about 1-2 am – just like a normal person on the weekend.

It worked okay. I felt like sleeping. But after an hour or two, I was awake and no chance of sleeping. Was I really getting used to the schedule so fast?

So I got up and went downstairs. Sat on the couch and occupied myself on the laptop for a while. I don’t remember with what. Next thing I knew it was 7am and I was feeling like going back to bed. It was still dark, with the short days this time of year and it being a rainy day. So I did.

I guess I’ve just decided to go with whatever my body says and sleep when I feel like it. I often feel better with a few hours here and there than forcing myself into eight straight hours of sack time.