Someone sent a DVD with this video to our Union work center. We aren’t sure where it came from or even the exact location of the plant it shows, but the message is clear and haunting. The video is a collage of scenes from a brake assembly plant, somewhere, some said Troy MI, others say Dayton OH. It doesn’t matter, the message is the same, people working, productive, earning a living wage until the plant is closed and torn down.

The music and it’s lyrics tell the story. While I don’t know who made the video, or where it takes place, I do know the song. It’s by James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards a Texas roots-rock singer-songwriter with an ear for lyrics and a cause in his heart. You can visit his website here. The song by itself as well as the acoustic version is available for download on his website.

View the video here.

I don’t need to explain how this applies to us here in Lockport. There but for the grace…