First weekend on midnights

Well, other than not knowing when to sleep and when not to, I’d be doing all right if it weren’t for the cold I have.

I got wrapped up in something on the computer last night and sat here working. I didn’t notice the time until 7:00 AM. I caught a quick hour rest until I had to get up and shower. I had to go out at 10:00 AM to Home Depot where we had a demo scheduled with the robotics team. Continue Reading…

Delphi wants GM to bail them out

I read in the paper where Delphi wants GM to give them $6 billion to keep them from going into bankruptcy. The average guy might think that sounds like a hand-out or even extortion. Delphi has been losing money (or so they say) and GM needs them to keep making cars and trucks. Especially profitable trucks (SUVs)

Let’s look at a few things though that makes this make sense. Continue Reading…


Why are all the good shows on PBS after midnight?

Well, they are. I caught Soundstage tonight with Chris Isaak. I don’t remember exactly how or when I became a Chris Isaak fan, but it was long before the show on Showtime.

Anyway, he was on Soundstage for a full hour. Great show. All the band members from the TV series too. I don’t know quite how to categorize Isaak’s music. Not really Rockabilly, not exactly Rock, definitely not country. Maybe that’s what I like about it, it is unique. A style of his own.

I don’t know how cool it is to be known as a Chris Isaak fan, either. Probably not very. But I don’t care. I like the music. Don’t tell on me, okay?

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