“Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, [I’m] free at last.”

Yes, it’s finally true. I’ve joined the ranks of the retired. I signed the papers today and as of the first of October am officially retired from Delphi/General Motors/Harrison Radiator.

Thirty years at the same plant. It’s funny how much it’s the same in some ways and how much it’s changed in others. Continue Reading…

Pets Plus – EC SPCA Minus!

I wonder if you’ve been following the controversial goings on with the owners of Pets Plus and the Erie County SPCA? In case you missed it, in a nutshell, the SPCA raided the pet shop and seized a number of animals, many of them reptiles, that they claim were not being cared for properly. While in the care of the SPCA, a number of animals died, which the SPCA blamed on the poor condition of the animals and the shop blamed on the SPCA.

A lawsuit ensued along with a lot of accusations in the press and daily updates on a sign in front of the shop. I read the sign every day on my ride to work and found it always interesting.

The suit ended up with almost total vindication of the pet store. The animals were returned. I don’t recall if the store had to pay for the animals care, something the SPCA wanted along with punitive fees, or not. But they were clear victors in both the court and press. Continue Reading…

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