Rite Aid, again

Well, it finally happened. I wrote in a Previous post about the pedestrian-unfriendly design of the Rite Aid drug store up the street from me.

Well, Rite Aid in it’s plan for world-domination, has purchased Eckards Drug and now, once again has a surplus of stores in Lockport. Continue Reading…

Labour Day III

Thanks to my brother for the heads-up on this one:

Cost of Pensions Adds to Factory Town’s Troubles

…from the New York Times

Labour Day II

I’ve been holding back on writing about work (Delphi) lately. Maybe it’s some mistaken sense of loyalty or maybe it’s just not wanting to rock the boat. I don’t know if anyone even reads anything I write, but sometimes I wonder. Some weird things have happened that it might explain.

But mostly, it’s just that I’m weary of it all. Waiting to be allowed to retire, while the summer goes by. Watching while the Union has been decimated until it’s barely functioning and management does whatever it pleases. And of course, my own health matters that have taken priority. I just haven’t had the energy to rail out against the oppression.
Continue Reading…

Labour Day

Well, I felt good enough to take a walk down to the Classic Car Show this evening. It is the last one of the season and the only one I’ve gone to. Probably because, to me, they are as boring as well, old cars.

I just don’t get the attraction. A bunch of guys who drive the same old cars to a spot each week, sit around and do what? Talk about the old cars? I saw the same ones lat year and the same cars were at the Delphi “Excellance” Week show. I suppose they are the same ones I’d see at Olcott if I went there. Continue Reading…

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