Robot Holiday

Jonathan Hughes – Robot Holiday from jimmy zito on Vimeo.

It’s that time of year again. Time for Robot Holiday. Their Christmas Concert was the other night and they’ve released another year’s compilation of songs by local (Buffalo NY) artists.

It’s an annual tradition that’s been going on a number of years. Their annual show has raised money for several charities and is always a good time.

But the cool thing is that a bunch of friends, who happen to be some of Buffalo’s most talented musicians, get together and give free Christmas music away to their fans to celebrate the season. You can download their songs, both this year’s collection and previous years, at their web site:

I love/hate Christmas music

Okay, I know I haven’t posted anything here in ages. My mind has been occupied elsewhere, I guess. But I enjoyed posting funny or weird videos here in past years for the holidays, so when I found this one by Jonathan Coulton (Big fan) and John Roderick, I had to share.

I remember when the 2600 was a big thing. The newer video games just haven’t had the appeal they did back then for me. Gosh, I remember wearing out the joystick to the point where we were buying rebuild kits for them. Oh and those joysticks! I think we all got a little early taste of arthritis from them.

So, enjoy some Christmas music you won’t hear on the radio, at least not any radio around here. Like I said, I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music. I enjoy it, but not the day after Halloween. I like mine funky, weird even, not the same old boring crap you hear over and over on the radio. Rest assured anything I put on here won’t be boring.

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