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A Tale of two QCXs

QCX twins

As you may know, I am a Ham Radio operator and that, among other aspects of the hobby, of which there are many, I do two things. I operate QRP (low-power) operation, mostly CW (Morse code) and I like to build electronic kits.

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A new Radio for my shack

Well, I’ve been getting back into Ham Radio lately. With the pandemic stifling most things that are fun, I figured it would be a good activity for being social distanced. Little did I know which way it would go. I

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Bikepacking the Erie Canal

Oh, the E-ri-e was risin’ and the Gin was gettin’ low. I scarcely think we’ll get a little drink until we get to Buffalo…

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Greenbriar trail

Just a quick message from the Greenbriar Trail in WV. Four days of biking and camping start now!  …and finished after two. I enjoyed the night camping and it was great to meet my friends again, but by noon on

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