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Fat Guy Across America

Last June, a fellow decided to ride a bike across America to lose weight, get his life together, and impress his estranged wife that he loved her. I heard about it very early on and followed him on Facebook and

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Share The Road Must Die

You’ve probably seen the “Share The Road” signs alongside streets and roads and probably didn’t give them much thought. But what do they mean? What do people think they mean? Do they have the intended effect? In New York State,

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Charlotte McGeady, Craigslist Scammer

I have been selling a recumbent trike on Craigslist and get an occasional inquiry email. The other day, I got this one: From: Charlotte McGeady Subject: Trike My Adopted son who is computer savvy is looking to help me

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A new trike

On the eve of the arrival of my newest bike, fourth recumbent and second trike, I can tell you a lot about it already. No, not the specs, although there is a lot to tell there. I ordered it with

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