Early Winter Photos

October blizzard in BuffaloNo I can’t take credit, but I got to browsing Flickr to see if there were more photos of the recent storm. Of course there were!

It’s hard to believe this happened before Halloween by two weeks!

If you want to see the extent of the snowstorm in Buffalo, take a few minutes to browse these sets. They’re from all over, Williamsville, Clarence, Buffalo – Allentown, SoBo, and other sections – and more. We really got off easy in Lockport, although it started earlier here, then moved south.

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Kristen Williams





Booknero 1 2

inju (Who knows how to enjoy a snow storm!)




mike in wny


FJ Gaylor Photography’s photos 1 2


Wow! That’s a lot of great photos. Hope you enjoyed them. Take a moment and leave a comment on the Flickr pages to let these people know you like them.

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3 comments on “Early Winter Photos
  1. M. Moretti says:

    Great photos! I’m used to seeing that much snow, but i can’t believe how many tree branches came down. It looks like when a hurricane came through New England about 15-20 years ago. We had the power crews come from all over also. Some were all the way from Quebec.

    A couple of years ago we had an “early” November snow and I was the only one at work who already had a scraper-snowbrush in my trunk. They couldn’t believe it. I keep the brush and the small car shovel in the car year-round. Why bother to bring it in the house and lose it? You can take the girl out of WNY, but you can’t the WNY out of the girl.

  2. We really missed most of this in Lockport. A couple of inches on Friday is all we got. And it was wet, heavy and melting fast. The temperature never got that cold and didn’t stay that way. I never wore more than a sweatshirt outside all weekend.

    But the fact that is was so wet and heavy is what did the damage.

  3. Here’s one more by a blogger on the e-strip journal: http://www.estrip.org/elmwood/journals/index.php?u=leetee&id=230

    …and check out this related article at indabuff: http://x.indabuff.com/donut/?p=305

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