Another trip to the ‘Burgh

We’re back from another trip to Pittsburgh. This was the first follow-up visit after Al’s transplant. He had labwork and a clinic visit yesterday and a bronchoscopy today.

We left Thursday morning about 7am and arrived in time for his appointments in the afternoon, then stayed one more night at the Neville Family House. The bronch was the only thing to do today and was an outpatient proceedure, so we were free to leave by about 5pm.

It was done under mild sedation, so there was some observation time before we could leave. The photos here are Al having his first food after being NPO since last night. He really felt okay and was glad to get the sandwich. They wanted to get a lot of fluids into him, so he had some cranberry juice and a can of Pepsi.

We noticed they have a new can design that we haven’t seen at home yet.

Al has been cleared to drive, but with the sedation still wearing off, I drove home tonight. He’s free to drive himself around all he wants to now, and enjoy that until they tell him he can go back to work!

A Tale of Two Malls

So many ornaments, you can hardly see the tree...

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times…

The starting line of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities sure fits here.

Yesterday, after we got done with Al’s business at the hospital, we went out to see if we could get some shopping done. I was looking for a certain type of specialty store that Santa has sworn me to secrecy over, so I won’t mention it, other than that.

We did a little research on Google and found two shopping malls in or near Pittsburgh that we thought were worth a try. The first was across the river on the south shore and the other one was a few miles further away, but still not that far. Continue Reading…

Back in Pittsburgh, laptop fixed.

Al is back in Pittsburgh for the week. He is there, not because anything is wrong, or even because of the transplant directly, but because he is taking part in some research study.

He went there Monday with his Aunt Gayle along. I am going to drive down Wednesday or Thursday to take her place for the rest of the week. Continue Reading…

On the Road Again

Just a quick post to say Al has been released from Pittsburgh and can go home!

We’ll be driving home this afternoon as soon as we can get checked out and packed up.

We’ll be home well in time for Thanksgiving!

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