Sick Leave Abuse?

Okay, as I sit here on sick leave, I promised I would write some more about where I work. Call it therapy.

Everyone (who doesn’t work there) thinks that everyone at Delphi just goes out on sick leave anytime they want. I worked for 25 years before I ever used sick leave and when I didn’t use it, I got screwed. Continue Reading…

Milquetoast, Macaroni and Jell-O

Well, it’s still an interesting week. I rediscovered a soothing feel-good food from my childhood: milk toast.

It’s not on the suggested foods from the doctor, but I thought it was worth a try. I found it to be the perfect breakfast for those who have had throat surgery. Continue Reading…

Rite Aid, again

Well, it finally happened. I wrote in a Previous post about the pedestrian-unfriendly design of the Rite Aid drug store up the street from me.

Well, Rite Aid in it’s plan for world-domination, has purchased Eckards Drug and now, once again has a surplus of stores in Lockport. Continue Reading…

Labour Day III

Thanks to my brother for the heads-up on this one:

Cost of Pensions Adds to Factory Town’s Troubles

…from the New York Times

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