How many speeds does that have?

The first question many people ask about a bicycle is “How many speeds does it have?”
How many gears?

I don’t think they realize that question really shows their ignorance about bicycles. I usually answer “Three in front and nine in back.” but what they really want to hear is “Twenty-seven.” I think in the future, I’ll just say “Infinite.”

Most bikes are driven by a gear that you turn with the pedals, connected to a gear at the back wheel by a chain. It’s a simple machine and the distance you travel when you turn the cranks – those things the pedals are attached to – depends on several things. Continue Reading…

Another map

I’m looking for a good real-time (or close to it) GPS tracking app so that my family and friends can easily know where I am.

This is a test of another one I am checking out.

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