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What’s going on with the Gritzmachers

Here I am again…

…sitting in a hospital waiting for things to start to happen. In case you don’t know me or read this blog, back in 2008 I was in a similar situation in UPMC in Pittsburgh when my eldest son, Albert, had

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We made it

We made it to our hotel. Got there almost exactly at 8AM. Found a bagel place and had a bite to eat, than went back to the hotel to see when we could check in, They had open rooms, so

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Sad News

A while back I had written in this blog about the experience of my son’s lung transplant. I don’t much feel like writing this post, but in the interest of following up the story, I am. Albert lost his 35-year

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Suicidal Tendencies

Well, I did it. I committed “Facebook Suicide.” That’s the term for deleting your profile in the social network as if you no longer exist. Of course, as soon as I was done, they announced sweeping revisions of their privacy

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